international women day one-liners

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is a day to recognize all the badass women in your life and the women you aspire to be like. It’s a chance to stand for equality and to #pushforprogress.

It’s been both a trying and triumphed year for this cause. There were times when women were degraded, demeaned and objectified by men (and women) in power. But more often than not, women rose stronger with each trial. It was the year a collective voice called for accountability, and a movement was born. But on a macro level, has it really changed the way we discuss gender inequality? Has it reshaped stone-faced opinions and given life to a new wave of change? Has this movement given rise to women in all walks of life, even the ones far from the DC Women’s March or Hollywood’s #MeToo cry?

I asked them. And much like the one-liners hurled in their direction by those aiming to dimension their power, I asked them to tell me in one sentence. Or at least close to one sentence…

Mallory, 26
Austin, TX
“International Women’s Day means collaboration over competition while continuing the fight for equal pay and equality today. #breaktheglassceiling”

Allie, 23
Laurel, MD
Graduate student
“This year feels different from past because women have been given, demanded, a louder voice in the past year than ever before, which is really inspiring and moving.”

Rob, 51
Columbia, SC
Stay-at-home dad
"Today is to recognize the struggles and achievements of women the world over, past, present and future, and to honor them and their contributions to society."

Tori Beth, 24
Iva, SC
State Political Campaign Manager
“To me, it’s about recognizing that every single woman is created beautifully and uniquely. Women face an incredible amount of pressure and scrutiny every single day but hopefully today, we will spend more time loving one another and appreciating all we have to offer the world.”

Liz, 31
Columbia, SC
Marketing Director
“Every other day is Men’s day. It’s a small thing, but to acknowledge how much women contribute and the hardships facing women across the world today is very necessary for the next generation of girls.”

Blake, 25
Gainesville, FL
“It feels different this year! I feel immense gratitude for the women in my life and also inspired, excited and hopeful for where we’re headed.”

Debra, 56
Phoenix, AZ
Office Administrator
"On this International Women's Day, we can celebrate our Creator for His love and His plans for every one of us, regardless of whether we are male or female."

Adam, 25
Nashville, TN
Social Media Coordinator
"Today is a chance to take time to appreciate everything women have accomplish and will accomplish in the future."

Erica, 24
Peace Corps
“To me, March 8th celebrates the lives of women that lived and fought before me, all over the world, to give me the freedom I have today, and serves as a reminder of how much harder I have to fight for the women ahead of my lifetime.”

Haley, 22
New York, NY
Entertainment News Writer
"IWD means celebrating the resilience and brilliance of the women who came before, the women who are now and the women who will be."

Richard, 24
Nashville, TN
Social Media Coordinator
“International Women’s Day means empowerment: no longer will our wives, daughters, sisters be recognized by their beauty, sex appeal or their family role, but rather for their strength, courage and tenacity for their skills and value they bring to our society.”

Joyce, 25
Washington, DC
National Newspaper Reporter
“Other than this growing into quite the genius marketing day for brands everywhere, it’s an aggressive reminder that the fight to co-exist among a diversity of thoughts and experiences must persist if women want to move forward collectively."

Laura, 53
Winter Springs, FL
Communications/Development Director
“I want to embody the quote ‘Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we raise them, may we be them.”

Ashley, 25
Winston-Salem, NC
"IWD is a day for me to reflect on the incredible women that came before me, that are in my life now and that will come after me."

Kaleigh, 21
Seattle, WA
Military Wife
"This International Women's Day is about encouraging and empowering other beautiful mothers, sisters and daughters to do or be whoever they aspire."

Hannah, 30
Austin, TX
Founder/CEO of @BangsShoes
"On International Women’s Day I found myself thinking about the strong female forces around me from people I know today and amazing women who have paved the way from the past. It's a special time to celebrate feminine strength!"

Abbey, 24
Myrtle Beach, SC
Local News Reporter
“International Women’s Day is especially important to me this year because I’m inspired and proud of the tremendously brave women who have stood up for themselves and against their abusers this year. ‘Women rock’ is definitely the theme of the year.”

Chris, 28
New York, NY
Real Estate
"To me IWD means to respect the accomplishments and struggles shared by women all over the world. It is different this year with the challenges and resiliency of all women on display for the world to see."

Sometimes the best thing a writer can do is let their muses speak. Today has inspired me, and I hope it’s inspired you.

xx, M

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