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instagram marketing tips: finding success on a fickle platform

It’s been almost six months since the newest Instagram algorithm interrupted our strategies, and it’s been an adjustment to retrain our brains and redefine success. So, full disclosure that these tips ring true, right now, but are subject to change, whenever Instagram feels like it.

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why company culture is good for your bottom line

In the past decade, how we market has evolved because who we’re marketing to has changed.  Most consumers today shop differently than consumers ten years ago. With the integration of technology in almost every aspect of our lives, expectations have changed— and so should our tactics. One of the most notable shifts is the desire for a consumer experience.

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marrying content to the perfect platform

Social media platforms have evolved over the years and will continue to do so, often stealing ideas from one another, seemingly offering the same abilities. And while the functions may be similar, there’s are unwritten rules for what’s acceptable for each platform…

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unlimited pto or workaholic? the case for unplugging this holiday season

These moments are difficult to predict so I usually have to check my phone daily. I will admit, this is a routine I complete regardless of my work. I remember to scroll through Twitter and Instagram the same way I remember to breathe. But there are times even I am eager to unplug, disconnect and just remove myself from the highlights of everyone else’s life.

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hashtag aesthetic: crafting your social brand

My sister is just four years younger than me, but when it comes to what apps people are using or social media trends, even as a social strategist, I feel old and out dated. So, when she mentioned to me a few months back the concept of strategically posting so that your profile on Instagram has a similar aesthetic...

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i wish I had a snack for every time someone used the phrase “snackable content"

6 Things I Learned at the AMA Higher Education Symposium

1. SEO-M-G:

I think for anyone not “traditionally” trained in digital marketing, SEO or search engine optimization, is not only hard to say, but hard to implement. I attended a few sessions that alluded to this dark horse strategy and I learned a lot.

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