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4 reminders for marketing this holiday season

I hope you are still stuffed from a delicious Thanksgiving meal spent with family and friends. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s socially acceptable to get in the holly jolly spirit. It also means buckling up for the fierce holiday competition and executing your perfect marketing strategy. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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branding: why defining before designing is so crucial

“Building a website without creating brand guidelines is like painting the outside of a house before renovating it.” And it’s so true. You wouldn’t paint your home before deciding if you wanted to build on or tear things down. The exterior paint is the final touch. It’s how you present yourself, or your home, to the world. Likewise, all of the digital marketing components Astute offers are just that: a vessel for you to yell loud and proud who you are as a company.

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i wish I had a snack for every time someone used the phrase “snackable content"

6 Things I Learned at the AMA Higher Education Symposium

1. SEO-M-G:

I think for anyone not “traditionally” trained in digital marketing, SEO or search engine optimization, is not only hard to say, but hard to implement. I attended a few sessions that alluded to this dark horse strategy and I learned a lot.

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