My 6️⃣ Favorite Things About Nashville

It’s coming up on six months of calling Music City home! I simultaneously feel like I’ve been here much longer and like I just moved here. Time is a bizarre thing. 

I have grown to be completely in awe of this city. It’s hidden neighborhoods and quirky residents feel just like home. I know I made the absolutely right decision moving here. This is right where I am suppose to be in this moment. In honor of my six-month love affair, I compiled a list (narrowing this down was hard!!) Of my 6 favorite things about NashVegas.

1. The cliche “big city with a small town feel” is 100% true. 

Downtown is a pretty metropolitan area. Bug corporate companies are headquartered here, the job market is hot, tourism is thriving, but in less than 3 miles, you’re out of the big city and breaking for families pushing strollers or walking dogs. Living in East Nashville (especially after living downtown) is the best decision I could have made. Downtown I was fighting traffic, avoiding tourists, and trying to fall asleep among the woos of sorority girls outside my window. I moved 5.3 miles from my city-center apartment to a sweet house and cut my rent in half. Not to mention I have the perfect backyard for my dog and easy access to stuff real people need like the grocery store or pharmacy. My neighborhood is pretty walkable and yet I’m less than 10 minutes from the craziness of downtown. (However I don’t leave my East Nashville neighborhood very much).

2. There’s always a show. And it’s probably only $12 to get in.


I have been fortunate enough to see some incredible musicians lives since I moved here. Now it’s no shock that Nashville is a must-do tour stop for most artists, but what I didn’t expect was the accessibility to “lesser-known” artists. On average, I see four concerts a month. The venues are small and intimate and so Nashville. Seeing a Spotify favorite while tossing back a few beers can be as little as a $20 night. In the six months since I’ve moved here, I’ve seen 31 different artists perform live! THIRTY-ONE Wow. Doing that tally was crazy. Here’s to many more!

3. You feel guilty eating at the same place twice.

Nashville is home to some of the cutest, most eclectic, bizarre and delicious bars, restaurants and coffee shops. I’m positive I haven’t even been to 10% of them— and I’ve been a lot of places. Between the well-established musts and the ever-emerging new spots, it’s impossible to catch up. What’s even better is the abundance of insanely delicious vegetarian food I’ve found (even my meat-eating friends agree). Add in all the beautiful and equally delicious cocktail spots, breweries, gourmet coffee shops, bakeries, international spots and food trucks and it’s a wonder I haven’t gained 40 pounds since I moved here.

4. It’s surprisingly a big sports city.

My first NFL game: Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans! (with my dad and bff Becca)

My first NFL game: Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans! (with my dad and bff Becca)

I guess I should have expected this, but Vanderbilt isn’t exactly a NCAA powerhouse. Nor is UT. But the transient nature of the city brings college football loyals from across the country out  to bars on Saturdays. The Titans play right downtown and it’s a lot of fun living in a city with an NFL team! Add in NHL’s Nashville Predators, the minor league baseball team, the newly-established Nashville Soccer City team— there’s always someone to root for. And because no one is truly from Nashville, bandwagoning is totally acceptable. 

5. There’s a bunch of little towns in one.


Each neighborhood in Nashville has a unique personality of its own. Looking for world-renown chef’s? Head to Germantown, foodie. Looking for dog-friendly, modern, industrial living spaces? The Nations is for you. Looking to boutique shop and have the ultimate Nashville photo shoot? 12 South is thataway. The Gulch is where young professionals drink and buy flowers, Midtown is a little college town (hi Vandy and Belmont), Hillsboro Village is eclectic and residential. Of course, I’m biased, but my favorite is East Nashville in all of it’s artsy, rough around the edges charm. Home to hole-in-the-wall bars, music venues, and lots of pups— you can always find an incredible cup of coffee and a store selling vinyl. It’s impossible to be bored in a city filled with such distinctive pockets. 

6. All walks of life are welcome.

Nashville natives are like unicorns. They don’t exist. This city has attracted people from all walks of life which has created this incredibly diverse, welcoming and open-minded place in the heart of the south. So think, hipsters with southern hospitality. Best of both worlds if you ask me. Most people think of Nashville as Honkytonk Central. And is it. But on one road in the entire town. It’s the home of country music, but it’s also home to Paramore, whose members grew up nearby, as well as Ben Folds and Jack White, who moved to Nashville after launching their careers elsewhere. Nashville is home to creatives, young professionals, families, generation-strong Tennesseans, immigrants and some of the most accomplished medical professionals. Add in the fact that it has mountain views, a river that runs through the middle and gets a healthy dose of every season— and you have a place that attracts people from all over. Whether they came here for warmer weather, cooler weather, music, an outdoorsy lifestyle, an LGBTQ-friendly community, good schools, postgraduate schooling, entrepreneurial opportunities, home investing, or a fresh start— Nashville becomes home.