Review: Jackalope Brewery's New Location, The Ranch


One of my favorite breweries in Nashville just opened their second location and it's a far cry from their modest location on 8th Avenue. The Ranch is in the super cool Wedgewood-Houston area (not far from their original location). The brewing space is huge and the taproom vibe is eclectic, but the beer is still next to none.

All the bells + whistles

The new location is Instagram-ready with trendy bright yellow and teal decor. The door is a little difficult to find when you're distracted by the full-size shuffleboard court. Bright yellow lounge chairs and striped umbrellas give you all the South Florida vibes without the heat. In expert marketing, the taproom has a built-in selfie station (a more modern/less private photo booth). You can email your self the branded images and gif you create with your friends. With expert lighting and a built-in filter option, take home more than a beer buzz. Warning: photo quality will decrease after a couple beers. 

The Beer + the Service

The Ranch had more beers than their 8th Ave. location, some experimental beers that you could only get in a pint. I wanted to try them all, but those extra special ones were not served in flights. I'll be back to try them all. The service was great, and while it's definitely a "behind the bar" only approach, the place was clean and organized. They let you sample some of their offerings (none of those special ones though) and they were happy to steer me in the right direction for branching out. My first trip was during their grand opening, and although there were lines to the bar (to be expected), I felt they were responsive and efficient.

The Verdict

My opinion remains that Jackalope has some of the best beer in Nashville, and I love the vibe of the new location. My friends from out of town felt like they definitely got the "Nashville experience" with our trip to the Ranch. The taproom space was a little small, considering how large the brewing area and the lounge chairs were more photo-ready than functional. Regardless, I've already been back and will return frequently. My advice? Dress cute for pictures, uber/lyft there and eat before you go. The Ranch will not disappoint.